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Welcome To The Multimedia Zone
Welcome To The Multimedia Zone
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What is a Network?

What is a network?A network is a group of two or more computers that are intelligently sharing hardware or software devices with each other. A network can be as small and simple as two computers that share the printer and CD-ROM drive attached to one of them, or as large as the world’s largest network: the Internet.Intelligently sharing means that each computer that shares resources with another computer or computers maintains control of that resource. Thus, a switchbox for sharing a single printer between two computers doesn’t qualify as a network device; because the switchbox, not the com puters, handles the print jobs, neither computer knows when the other one needs to print, and print jobs can interfere with each other. A shared printer, on the other hand, can be controlled remotely, and can store print jobs from different computers on the print server’s hard disk. Users can change the sequence of print jobs, hold them, or cancel them. And, sharing of the device can be controlled through passwords, further differentiating it from a switchbox.

Checklist For Creating A Network

  1. Configure Workstations To Use Static IP Addresses
  2. Configure Workstations To Use Unique Names
  3. Configure Workstations To Join The Same Workgroup
  4. Configure Workstations To Use Broadcast For DHCP
  5. Configure One PC To Accept Incoming Connection Through Virtual Private Networking
  6. Setup A Network Bridge
  7. Setup A Virtual (VPN) Connection By Labelling One PC Guest And The Other Host
  8. Establish Network Connectivity Using The Windows Ping Command
  9. Verify Client Workstations Can Share Files, Folders, or Printers On The Network
How To Setup A Basic Web Server Using Internet Information Services (IIS)
Internet Information Services is a web server application built into Windows 2000 and XP Professional and provides an easy method for hosting a wide variety of files including HTML and ASP based pages.
The list of documents outlined below will walk you through the procedures of setting up, configuring, and securing an IIS based server.
  • How To Successfully Install Internet Information Services in Windows XP Professional.
  • How To Setup a Static IP Address.
  • How To Specify A Shared Resource For Use With IIS.
  • How To Map A Network Resource To A Computer Running IIS.
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