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What Is E-Mail?

What is Windows?Electronic mail, most commonly referred to as email or e-mail since c. 1993, is a method of exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipients. Modern email operates across the Internet or other computer networks. Some early email systems required that the author and the recipient both be online at the same time, in common with instant messaging. Today's email systems are based on a store-and-forward model. Email servers accept, forward, deliver, and store messages. Neither the users nor their computers are required to be online simultaneously; they need connect only briefly, typically to a mail server, for as long as it takes to send or receive messages.

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What Is E-mail?
How Do I Send An E-mail Message?
Are there different types of Electronic Mail?
What are the Advantages of Electronic Mail?
What problems exist with Electronic Mail?
What are some examples of Electronic Mail addresses?
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Technology World's Ultimate Guide To Outlook Express 6.0
By: Michael Casimir
Technology World's Guide To OEThis tutorial focuses on some basic concepts associated with using Outlook Express 6.0. OE 6 is the latest in the free e-mail client provided by Microsoft and is bundled with most versions of Windows. It's more typically used in office environments and Intranets and provides some basic e-mail capabilities. This tutorial focuses on how you can create an e-mail account using Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0 in the Windows XP environment. I will show you how to launch the main program as well as create a standard e-mail account using POP based server settings.
Explaning The Differences Between Webmail and POP3 Electronic Mail Providers, Systems, and Configurations
Technology World's Guide To OE

This comparison article focuses on the main differences bewteen free Webmail services (such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Google Mail), and POP3 based e-mail providers. You will understand why free webmail services exist and how they generate revenue, aa well as learn what advantages POP3 providers have over traditional free webmail providers.

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